An unnoticed element that can affect your working environment are Airborne Molecular Contaminants, spreading quickly and polluting your working environment.

Dycem Clean Zones significantly reduce the risk of airborne contaminants by 75%.  Dycem manufacture industry leading contamination control mats and flooring.

What is the Dycem Cleanzone?

The Dycem Cleanzone is a scientifically tested, high-performance antimicrobial mat or flooring designed for pedestrian flow and light-wheeled traffic areas. Not only is the Dycem Cleanzone highly functional, it is available in a wide range of designs that are both stylish before and after being cleaned. Size is also no constraint, with the installation of mats for custom sized and shaped areas in addition to different edging options also available.

Where can I use the Dycem Cleanzone and what are its main features?

Cleanzone flooring is suited to any areas within your facility, factory or workplace that has a high volume of pedestrian traffic, and can be strategically placed to reduce the risk of contamination between areas, contamination being brought into or leaving your workplace.

Additionally, the Cleanzone can be installed inside airlocks, gowning rooms, hallways, air showers and even critical areas that can be found adjacent to any critical products and processes. This level of flexibility is due Dycems ability to customize the Cleanzone flooring to your workspace.

Additional Features:

  • Available as inlaid or wall-to-wall flooring installations
  • Mats supplied are Blue in colour for better visual indication of contamination
  • Product life-expectancy of 3-5 years
  • 12-month warranty comes as standard

To see the CleanZone Technical Data Sheet

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The Key benefits for you

  • Reduced floor particulate by 99.9% and air particulate by up to 75%
  • Biomaster additive reduces the microbial counts
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning that is easily incorporated into additional Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Is a much smarter option to peel-off mats and other alternatives due to it being long-lasting, making it more cost-effective

Installing Dycem CleanZone

Cleaning Dycem CleanZone

Dycem CleanZone Floating Floor

Description –

Dycem’s CleanZone Floating Systems are suitable in locations where long term adhesion to the sub-floor is not possible. The Floating System is ideal for a range of smooth and rough sub-floors and is easily self-installed in a matter of minutes.

We can supply Floating Floor Systems in the following sizes –

1.2M x 1.2M

1.2M x 2M

**Please allow 4mm height for under door clearance and 5mm tolerance on length/width

Application –

Dycem’s CleanZone Floating Systems are pre-assembled and adhered onto a 1.2mm thick isolating membrane and comes with cold welded edging to the Dycem material, ensuring a strong bond during it’s life-cycle. The underside of the floating floor system is an impervious vinyl layer resistant to moisture, which is non-absorbent and contains multiple peduncles, in order to minimise sub-floor show through and maintain rigidity of the Dycem Product. This also ensures that the product has a firm grip on the sub-floor when in use.


The Dycem Difference

What’s so different about Dycem? Several key features of Dycem products set them apart from the rest:


Dycem mat sizes allow for complete contamination removal, allowing for 6 total footfalls and 3 wheel rotations.


The unique polymeric surface provides a soft footfall and collects particles between 0.1 and >100 microns in size.


Dycem surfaces are exceptionally smooth, creating a natural track and a high degree of short range electromagnetic forces.


Biomaster, a silver ion-based, antimicrobial protective solution, can be found in all Dycem products, protecting from more than 50 different organisms.

Static Dissipative

Cleanzone Surface resistivity reduces Electrostatic Discharge.


With complete customer support, both before and after your purchase, Dycem go the extra mile to ensure a quality product from start to finish.

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