The AQUA CUBE PLUS is the Ultimate Manual Boot & Hand Cleaning Station. Made from high quality UV resistant polyethylene with internal stainless steel tubing and spray jets that is built to last in any harsh environment.

With an encased design any water splashing’s or aerosols are minimised and captured within the  “cube” keeping the dirt contained.

“Perfect for both mining and food companies”

Simple and Effective Cleaning

Cleaning the soles of safety shoes or boots is simple. Just turn the 1st ball valve to allow water to spray out towards the base. Combine this with the bottom and side brushes and you have the perfect handsfree wet clean. The addition of the water feed hand brush provides an additional cleaning mechanism. Simply turn on the 2nd ball value and you have full control to clean not only the soles but the sides of the boots. The wastewater is captured and channelled away towards 40mm PVC Ports, positoned at bottom rear on each side which can be plumbed to waste, minimising cross contamination and keeping the area clean.


The Ultimate Manual Boot & Hand Cleaning Station
Here’s what you get –
  • UV Resistant PVC enclosure to minimise aerosols and splashing’s
  • Stainless steel tubing for corrosion free cleaning
  • Bottom spray jets for handsfree cleaning of soles of shoes
  • Two separate ball valves for better control
  • Water feed hand brush for additional mobile clean
  • Unique Hand Cleaning Station – Hand brush fed  
  • Unique design to capture water waste and be plumbed to waste minimising cross-contamination
  • Designed and Made in Germany

Optional Features

Product Specifications

Capacity & Dimensions

L/W/H – 520mm/470mm/900mm

Footprint – 520mm x 470mm

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