About Us

Throughout life we form many relationships for Professional, social & personal benefits.

In fact they’re key to living happy, fulfilling & professionally rewarding lives. When we seek relationships, we do so to add something to our lives & so too when we are looking for assistance or guidance in our professional lives.

That is why, here at Jade Engineering we believe that Business relationships are no different; in fact we value our relationships with Clients just as highly as we value our relationships with family & friends – relationships that are built on trust & respect!

These relationship values resonate strongly with & are driven throughout Jade culture, & in fact it’s these Client relationships which provide Jade Engineering with its’ purpose – “Working with Industry to Create History”. But what does this mean for you? Well, it means that we want to partner with you, to collectively develop unique & innovative high value propositions, to satisfy your needs – We really DO want to create history with you!

So, with that being said… Welcome to Jade Engineering – how can we partner with you to create history today?