Educational Lightboards

A Lightboard is the modern version of the traditional chalkboard where the users’ handwriting & or illustrations become highlighted when using fluorescent dye marker pens on a light filled pane of glass. This provides a highly visual illusion of the user writing & or drawing in thin air & is an extremely powerful teaching tool for teachers & lecturers of all levels!

Lightboards are primarily used for video recording educational lessons & are promoted by NFP Organisations such as FreeSchool here in Australia

For more information on FreeSchool click the link below –


Simple, Effective & Powerful Educational Tool

The user is video recorded as they begin writing & or drawing with fluorescent dye marker pens on the glass pane in front of them, which is then highlighted by the Lightboard. The recorded video is then flipped via software or a video converter module, making the users’ writing appear in the correct orientation for the audience.


Jade Lightboards come in the two most popular sizes as requested by Education Professionals –

Lecture Series –
  • Overall: 1980mmH x 1860mmW x 900mmD – Ergonomically Designed for use & mobility through STD Doorways
  • Working Area: 1800mmW x 1200mmH
  • Footprint: 1860mmW x 900mmD
  • Weight: 50kg
Studio Series –
  • Overall: 1980mmH x 1460mmW x 900mmD – Ergonomically Designed for use & mobility through STD Doorways
  • Working Area: 1400mmW x 1200mmH
  • Footprint: 1460mmW x 900mmD
  • Weight: 40kg

Here’s what you get when ordering a Jade Lightboard

  • – Strong robust frame constructed from extruded aluminium section mounted on 4x lockable swivel castors
  • – Full Length Lightboard Marker Tray to suit Lecture & Studio sizes
  • – 6mm Toughened Starfire Safety Glass
  • – Fully Adjustable Presenter Lighting System – 14400Lumens typ setup (optional)
    • – Recommended to provide even illumination from above & L&R/Hand sides making for well-lit & consistent video production
  • – Easy Plug & Play setup
  • – Independant illuminated ON/OFF Control Switches for Lightboard & Presenter Lighting System
  • – 1x 240v Connection Lead
  • – Every Lightboard comes fully checked – Test & Tagged by a Licensed Electrician


“You can be rest assured that you will be receiving a quality product from a reputable Company when ordering a Jade Lightboard for your workplace or home theatre/studio”

But wait there’s more…

Now with every Lightboard ordered you’ll also receive our  Complimentary Jade Starter Pack to get you up & recording quicker! (additional packs available for purchase)

  • – Quartet High Quality Multi-coloured Markers – 6Pk
  • – Quartet Glassboard Cleaner 250mls



Delivery Service to your Door

Local Delivery (Bris Metro):

  • – Lightboards are delivered to your nominated address & uncrated for you – we even take the crate mat’ls away


National Delivery (Outside Bris Metro):

  • – Lightboards are delivered to your nominated address, fully insured during transport and are uncrated by you

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