Our Training

Jade Engineering’s Cadetship Program

Training now for skillset requirements into the future

Jade Engineering and Outsource Institute of Technology are working collaboratively to remain at the forefront of Australian Engineering capabilities now & into the future, through the program development of specifically tailored Cadetships. These Cadetships will provide clear training pathways for our future workforce, seeing Cadets ultimately graduate with a Diploma of Engineering.

This holistic approach to training, will not only see Australia set up for a higher qualified workforce into the future but will also provide graduating Cadets with opportunities for employment longevity, for years to come.

Outsource Institute of Technology

Who is Outsource Institute of Technology?

Outsource Institute is a believer in making education meaningful by offering training that fits within industry and the learner’s world of requirements and experiences.

 What do we do?

We train individuals and medium to large organisations involved in engineering, mining and manufacturing to help them simplify, comply and grow their skills and capability.


Making learning easier to understand and to do

  • Starting with a good old-fashioned conversation to gauge client needs, a plan is then provided with options for the simplest way to have skills improved and recognised.


Ensuring specified industry standards are met

  • Compliance in this day and age, is a fundamental, our clients rely on us to ensure they comply with industry specifications, policies, standards and legislation.


Taking you from where you are, to where you want to be

  • By removing traditional education barriers, we empower our clients to grow in their own time, at their own pace and in a way that best suits their learning style.