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Jade is passionate about collaboration. We want to not only help make your product a reality but also make it more efficient and profitable.

Innovating Alongside You

Jade provides specialist precision and improvement consulting at each step of the way. We hire only the best and most creative people we can find so that our clients have access to great minds as well as skilled technicians.

We will work with you at all stages of the process to help develop innovative products. Jade is dedicated to aiding your innovation during ideation, concept design, concept development, and viability analysis to help ensure you get the most out of your products. We nurture this innovation further through our Innovation Labs for creative problem solving and disruptive innovation sessions, research in relevant areas and fields, and by providing engineering workshop facilities for development in a collaborative environment.

Our company is dedicated to engendering creativity from all our staff members. We appreciate the power of ideas and never stifle the thought processes of our team or those we are working with. We realise the potential of innovation to shape the future of not just our industry but the entire world. After all, without the innovative thinkers of yesterday who knows where we would be today.

Our team is ready to take on all your wildest ideas and see where they lead us. With us at your side, the possibilities are endless. We want to work in collaboration with you and your team to get the most out of every idea and create something truly impactful. We “Work with Industry to Create History!” Jade is proud to offer assistance in product innovation throughout the entire process from conceptualisation to complete implementation.

Jade Product Innovation Stages

Product innovation occurs in four stages of development that move successively from the most abstract formation of ideas all the way through to the assessment of the project’s practicality. Here is a detailed breakdown of the four stages of Jade’s Product Innovation Process:


Ideation is the creative process of generating, developing and communicating new ideas. At Jade, we have made it our personal mission to engender creativity in all stages of our processes. Innovation flourishes in a creative and open-minded environment where all possibilities are considered. Our team is constantly challenging the status quo and looking for ways to improve upon just about everything.

Ideation is all about asking the right questions and moving beyond the obvious answers. Our team brings their own perspectives and strengths to the table in order to uncover new avenues for innovation. The collaborative process helps bring out the best in everyone by never outright dismissing any possibilities.

Concept Design

Concept Design takes place once it’s time to start laying down some more concrete foundations for the ideas that have only begun to take shape. During this process, our team can provide invaluable insight into their past experiences while also utilising their creative capabilities to improve upon past projects. Concept Design allows for ideas to be expanded upon and visualised in order to allow more informed decisions regarding what direction to head next.

The Concept Design process allows innovation to start taking shape, but while still remaining fluid enough for changes to be easily made. This process involves the use of sketches and whiteboards – physical components that can easily be discarded or modified.

Concept Development

Once a rough design and implementation plan is created, further development of the ideas can take place. Concept Development involves even more specific and concrete solutions. This is where things really start to take shape, and the rough outline begins to fill in. Creativity and expertise come into play in equal measures to make sure the process involves innovative mentalities while also achieving solidity and practicality.

Our team at Jade has the experience to know what they are doing and the wisdom to know there is always room for improvement. You can depend on our expertise, but you can also rely on our constant drive to innovate every step of the way.

Viability Analysis

Viability analysis is the no-nonsense portion of innovation. This is the step where ideas meet the cold, hard visage of reality. The project is evaluated not only for its feasibility but also its profitability. Great ideas are a starting place, but true innovation requires practicality and viability.

Creative new solutions can still take form in this step of the process. Our “Cost to Design Approach” is where our expert knowledge and cutting-edge techniques allow us to ensure the project has true potential for success. This approach can make what is prohibitively expensive suddenly affordable. Ultimately, however, a projects ability to come to fruition needs to be fully analysed before the costly process of production takes place.

Jade Solutions

We provide you with top-notch services that get you the most value from your resources. We want to shape your ideas into reality. Jade is your solution for all steps of the process from prototyping to full-scale production across all sorts of industries like Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Defence, Mining, Medical and Food Industries and so much more. We are capable of providing you with unequalled service and expertise that will have your dreams breathing life in no time.

We welcome the challenge to innovate alongside you and are ready at a moment’s notice to get started on your projects. Our expert staff and friendly service will follow along with you on every step of the process. At Jade, we pride ourselves on our collaborative and innovative environment where we can work with you to perfect your concepts and deliver quality products that meet all your specifications.

Our innovators are at your disposal and ready to “Work with Industry to Create History!” Jade will partner with you to ensure your constant satisfaction. We want to help make the most out of your designs. We strive to excel in every aspect within our business and can’t wait to show you what we’re made of. Contact us now to get started making history.

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