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CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Machining is a manufacturing process that employs the use of pre-programmed computer software which guides the activities of various pieces of complex machinery.

Jade Engineering’s CNC Machining Facility consists of CNC Machining Centres, Mill Turn & NC Lathe, driven by the latest advanced software & is complimented by our conventional Lathe & Milling Machines. R&D Prototyping, Reverse Engineering & Production Machining, are just a few of the services we regularly provide our Clients!

This process allows for inhuman accuracy and control in the creation of 3D components made from all kinds of materials. CNC Machining allows for the rapid machining of complex components that may be completely original in form.

There are various types of CNC Machines that have different capabilities and serve various roles in the process of creating your custom components. CNC Machining Centres can run programs that guide pieces across varying distances and over different axes. This allows for the cutting of various materials in an extremely precise manner. CNC Lathes are fine-tuned for exact velocities and depths to ensure your components come out to their exact specifications every time.

Various cutters such as automated bandsaws are employed as well – all for the sake of cutting stuff EXACTLY how you want it to be cut from whatever material you require. All these tools allow for incredibly specific shapes to be formed in an efficient and precise manner.

With the aid of CNC Machining, your ideas can be brought to physical reality. Jade can bring your designs to life, enabling you to get hands-on with your prototypes. Unlike manual machining, the CNC Machining process allows for extreme precision and the ability to create identical copies. This enables Jade to create complex shapes that would be impossible or absurdly time-costly to create manually. CNC Machining is far superior to manual in terms of both speed and precision.

CNC Machining is commonly utilised in many industries such as aerospace, medical, military, mining and automotive – just to name a few. At Jade, we provide our expertise in order to help bring your dreams to life. We partner with our clients on every step of the process to help realise the potential in their designs. We want to innovate alongside you. Our purpose is to “Work with Industry to Create History!”

Working with Industry to Create History!

Jade’s core values include a dedication to innovation. We have helped to bring new ideas to life in Oil & Gas, Food & Packaging, Transport, Commercial Laundries, Utilities, Construction, Health Care, Education, and Defense sectors. We enhance our client’s innovation processes at all stages through contributions and partnerships.

We host Innovation Labs and provide creative ideation as well as concept design and development. Jade also offers viability analysis, research and design assistance, and we provide engineering workshop facilities for collaborative development processes.

Jade is in constant pursuit of development and improvement in everything we do. We operate on these core values:


We are dedicated to providing quality, friendly service that leaves you with a smile on your face every time.


At Jade, we pride ourselves on our high standard of professionalism that encompasses every aspect of what we do as a company and how we comport ourselves individually.


We provide a healthy and accident-free working environment, so our employees can feel safe and look forward to coming to work.


Jade focuses on environmentally and economically sustainable manufacturing processes that will help keep the world safe for generations to come.

Areas We Service

Our main office is based in Brisbane, Queensland. At Jade we service clients all over Australia including:

  • Brisbane
  • Melbourne
  • Sydney
  • Perth
  • Adelaide
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Gold Coast

Innovating Alongside You

Jade is passionate about collaboration. We want to not only help make your product a reality but also make it more efficient and profitable. Jade provides specialist precision and improvement consulting at each step of the way. We hire only the best and most creative people we can find so that our clients have access to great minds as well as skilled technicians.

We will work with you at all stages of the process to help develop innovative products. Jade is dedicated to aiding your innovation during ideation, concept design, development, and viability analysis to help ensure you get the most out of your products. We nurture this innovation further through our Innovation Labs, relevant researching, and by providing engineering workshop facilities for development in a collaborative environment.

Jade CNC Capabilities

Our machine shop offers unparalleled service and technical capabilities. We are capable of machining complex shapes out of any material. Our CNC Section consists of a HAAS VF-4 and a HARTFORD LG1000. We also have a CNC Mill Turn MORI-SEIKI CTX310V3 ECOLINE, a CNC Turn ALPHA HARRISON NC LATHE, and a CNC Bandsaw MACC SP380AG. Our top-of-the-line machines and second-to-none staff will help actualise your ideas with the utmost precision and expertise.

Jade provides stand-out flexibility, innovation and technical understanding that will provide your business with confidence. We are motivated to understand your challenges and equipped to provide solutions that meet your specific needs. Our goal is to help you meet your goals and we are fully equipped to make your dreams a reality.

Jade Solutions

We provide you with top-notch services that get you the most value from your resources. We want to shape your ideas into reality. Jade is your solution for all steps of the process from prototyping to full-scale production across all sorts of industries like Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Defence, Mining, Medical and Food Industries and so much more. We are capable of providing you with unequaled service and expertise that will have your dreams breathing life in no time.

We welcome the challenge to innovate alongside you and are ready at a moment’s notice to get started on your projects. Our expert staff and friendly service will follow along with you on every step of the process. At Jade, we pride ourselves on our collaborative and innovative environment where we can work with you to perfect your concepts and deliver quality products that meet all your specifications.

Our Machining innovators are at your disposal and have a focus on “Cutting your ideas out of stuff” Jade will partner with you to ensure your constant satisfaction. We want to help make the most out of your designs. We strive to excel in every aspect within our business and can’t wait to show you what we’re made of. Contact us now to get started making history.

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