JADE Engineering assist Verton with the manufacture of their R-Series Products

One thing at JADE engineering we take enormous pride in is, our ability to understand the full scope of a client project and create innovative and efficient solutions to client problems. We understand that the solution to complicated problems can be very simple, and can fully appreciate this through our early involvement in projects and care taken in ensuring we assist from the start of the project, through to the end of a project.

Here is how we helped Verton turn their idea into reality.

In a fast moving world, Verton is solely focused on alleviating risk in crane operations. The biggest improvement in productivity and efficiency since the crane was invented.

Verton are at the forefront of developing and producing intelligent technological solutions to increase the overall safety and productivity of crane and hoist operations.

How does it work?

Verton Technologies have used their outstanding team of highly skilled and experienced Australian engineers to develop the best crane and hoist technology, for maximum safety and efficiency. This is on display in their most recent product, in which we at JADE Engineering assisted in the creation of, with the R-Series.

What are the key benefits?

The two primary benefits of the R-Series are its increase in efficiency and safety, along with its advanced technology.


Safety is the most important aspect of the R-Series, with the majority of injuries or fatalities caused in the operation of cranes, sustained by those who are positioned within close proximity of the load.

The R-Series technology has the major benefit of removing all uses of taglines and any other associated workloads, meaning no workers will be near or under any moving loads, massively decreasing the risk of injury or harm to any workers.


The R-Series can reduce the time taken to move loads by up to an amazing 25% and reduce the hook time by 50%!

This is done through the brilliant onboard telemetry, which is monitored remotely and enables the user to remotely control the load with high levels of accuracy. Additionally, the gyroscopic modules have the ability to be multiplied, effectively making the R-Series scalable to any sized load. Finally, the R-Series has the ability to be lifted from and delivered to GPS coordinates.


R5-1 Series

Advanced Technology

Verton has made a concerted effort to ensure that the R-Series is ‘ahead of the curve’ in terms of the technology in use and corporate responsibility.

Verton understood the need to ensure that the R-Series product was designed with the trend of higher penalties imposed by state and federal courts regarding corporate responsibility in mind. Also incorporated in the design of R-Series was the integration of advanced analytics, with critical live data and onboard telemetry allowing the user to program repeatability. This allows the overall analysis and monitoring of the efficiency of operations.

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How was the overall experience for this client?

“We found Jade Engineering outstanding on all fronts. They were very flexible in a highly fluid situation. Their expertise definitely helped us reach our goals.”

Trevor Bourne, CEO at Verton Technologies Australia.