Educational Lightboards

A Lightboard is the modern version of the traditional chalkboard where the users’ handwriting & or illustrations become highlighted when using fluorescent dye marker pens on a light filled pane of glass. This provides a highly visual illusion of the user writing & or drawing in thin air & is an extremely powerful teaching tool for teachers & lecturers of all levels!

Lightboards are primarily used for video recording educational lessons & are promoted by NFP Organisations such as FreeSchool here in Australia

For more information on FreeSchool click the link below –


Simple, Effective & Powerful Educational Tool

The user is video recorded as they begin writing & or drawing with fluorescent dye marker pens on the glass pane in front of them, which is then highlighted by the Lightboard. The recorded video is then mirrored via the use of a video converter module, making the users’ writing appear in the correct orientation for the audience.


Here’s what you get when ordering a Lightboard

  • Strong robust frame constructed from extruded aluminium section mounted on 4x lockable swivel castors
  • 6mm Toughened Starfire Safety Glass
  • Cool White LED 290-350Lumens/M
  • 1x RF Wireless remote
  • 1x DC 12V  5A Adaptor

RF Remote Features

  • On/Standby: turn on or switch to standby mode
  • Light: switch between static & dynamic modes
  • 25%/50%/100%: switch between brightness levels
  • Mode+/Mode-: switch between dynamic modes
  • Speed+/Speed-: adjust dynamic mode lighting speed
  • Bright+/Bright-: adjust lighting mode brightness
  • Remote Range: <5M in open area

Product Specifications

  • Overall: 2050mmH x 1860mmW x 900mmD – Ergonomically Designed for use with ability to be moved easily through STD Doorways
  • Working Area: 1860mmW x 1200mmH
  • Footprint: 1860mmW x 900mmD
  • Weight: 50kg

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